How do I know if there are baby squirrels in the attic?

Virginia squirrels like many other animals tend to look for the most secure places to nest and have their young. Unfortunately, one such place that attracts these squirrels is the attic. This is because the attic often has little daily activity and it is set away from the rest of the house. These animals can be such a nuisance in the home to the point of causing damage around the home, or attic as it were.

Some of the pointers that will indicate that you may have baby Fairfax County squirrels living up in your attic include incessant scratching noises. Squirrels have long claws that will make scratching noises as they run back and forth in the attic. Furthermore, as the babies grow older, they get curious and restless. This makes them jump and move about a little more than they did when they are newly born.

The nipples on the female Fairfax County squirrel being large is also another sign that she is probably nesting in your attic. Like most mammals, their mammary glands increase significantly in size when they are lactating and this is something to look for especially if you can get near them.

Visual sighting of a squirrel up on the roof may also be yet another sign that you may have a family of them living in your attic. While the male squirrels like to run around looking for food and living in trees, the female squirrel will need a comfortable place to have her young and this is easy to find in an attic. Seeing one such squirrel should be a good enough reason for you to keep your ears on the ground for more signs.

In addition to the scratching noises, squirrels will also make other vocal noises. These noises include hungry baby squirrel noises. These noises get more noticeable early in the morning and much later in the night.

Ceiling board stains is yet another clue that can point to the presence of these unwanted animals in your attic. This can also be coupled with bad smell of their urine. In case of such stains, chances are you may have a leak in the pipes or you have squirrels up in the attic.

Checking up in the attic every once in a while will help you to notice any signs of intrusion by these nuisance animals. If you find a nest made out of cardboard or other soft, comfortable material then it is probably a nest. If it does not have baby squirrels just yet then it is probably because the female squirrel is still pregnant and is preparing a place to have her babies in.

Finding any signs of baby squirrels in your attic should lead you to call for help from wild animal removal services instead of trying to do it yourself. This is because getting rid of these animals safely may not be as easy as using chemicals, traps or other methods of pest control.

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